We’ve just made myogenic tone experiments even more boring…

Pressure Servo

VasoTracker Pressure Myography Diameter Tracking Software v1.3.0

Think myogenic tone experiments are boring? Well, you haven’t tried myogenic tone experiments with VasoTracker. They’re as dull as dishwater. But that’s because we automate them. There is no longer any need to turn the dial of your Living Systems PS-200. Nope, now you can go for lunch while VasoTracker takes care of pressure for you.

Brand spanking new features:

    • Control your Living Systems pressure servo system using a NI DAQ board (e.g. USB-6001).
VasoTracker 1.3.0 (17/08/2020)

Requires Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit & 8GB of RAM.  μManager and camera drivers may have other requirements.


Compatible cameras:

    • Most cameras supported by µManager.


Since 1.3.0 (17/08/2020)
      • Control Living Systems Ps-200 Pressure Servo system using NI DAQ board (e.g. USB-6001)
Since 1.2.0 (28/05/2020)
      • Manual line caliper
      • Improved algorithm (does not require vessel to be centered)

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