The VasoTracker pressure myograph system and acquisition software was born out of a collaboration between a collection of engineers/physiologists in the Vascular Imaging Group at the University of Strathclyde, and physicists at Durham University.

Here’s a list of everyone involved:

We will continue to develop the VasoTracker systems and the softwares, and will add new developments as and when they are ready. If you have any ideas or design improvements that you think would improve things, please get in touch. If you do, we will add your name to the list below!

People who have helped with various parts of the project:

Nathan Tykocki (Twitter: Dr_N8_PhD): the first to take the brave step and build the VasoTracker system. Nathan tells us he is proud that he was the first guinea pig, and that he really enjoyed pointing out all of our mistakes! He recognised that our software might have some use beyond blood vessel imaging, and is the reason we released BladderTracker. Nathan also designed the 3D-printed cases for the Arduino pressure and temperature controllers.

Carl White: first to attempt to install the VasoTracker data acquisition software. You may thank Carl for prompting us to write installation instructions!

Jason Au: first to ask if we could measure vessel diameter in ultrasound data. You can thank Jason for the ability to do so.

VasoTracker would not have been possible without the enormous number of people who have adopted the spirit of open source and have built tools and/or written software to freely share with the world. Among others, VasoTracker heavily utilizes work from the following open source projects.



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