VasoTracker Data Acquisition Software

The VasoTracker Data Acquisition is a stand-alone, open-source software package for live blood vessel diameter tracking.

Key Features

      • Live image display and graphing shows you the blood vessel diameter in real time.
      • Overlay tracking output on images so you can verify the algorithm operates correctly.
      • An adjustable number of scan lines for robust measurement of arterial diameter.
      • Data recorded from every scan line (you can study propagated responses!).
      • Statistical filtering of results helps exclude artefactual measurements.
      • Limit diameter tracking to a region of interest!
      • Event tracking enables you to conveniently record pharmacological interventions.
      • Compatible with all cameras supported by μManager. Use with your existing set-up!
      • Record pressure and temperature from the VasoTracker hardware.
      • Open source, freely available and adaptable. Hack away!

Visit our Download page to download the most recent version (1.1.0). Also, check out our user manual for a quick tour on how to set things up and begin using VasoTracker.

Why use VasoTracker?

Many software solutions exist for live diameter tracking of pressurized blood vessels. The main ones are produced by myograph manufacturers ( Danish Myo Technologyand Living Systems Instrumentation), and others are produced by third parties (e.g. IonOptix). Regardless, they are all expensive, lack flexibility, and have limited device support.

VasoTracker has been developed with an open-source, easy-to-us, software package that allows pressure myograph experiments to be carried out with ease. VasoTracker is also free, and so you can download it and install it on as many computers as you want - no more purchasing a new version of the software with each new pressure myograph.

Best of all, you can adapt and modify the software in any way you want. Think you have an idea that could make the diameter tracking more robust? Great, just download and adapt the source code! Want to control a different camera? If your camera, or camera driver, is listed here then it will work in VasoTracker! If you have an idea for improving VasoTracker but think you might struggle to adapt the source code then you could always get in touch with us and we can see if we can help!

We also provide a step-by-step guide on how to obtain and  set up the different components of the system. If you are considering whether VasoTracker is right for your experiments, then give it a try! VasoTracker is totally free and comes with demo data that will allow you to test out the functionality!

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