VasoTracker Pressure Monitor

Pressure monitor image
Pressure monitor image

The VasoTracker Pressure Monitor reads pressure from two inline transducers (one in flow and one outflow). The system is open source and is built using an Arduino and some very simple electronics (no soldering required, unless you want to!). Use with our Pressure Myography Software to continuously record pressure.


VasoTracker Pressure Monitor Manual

Latest Pressure Monitor Software

VasoTracker Pressure Monitor Software V4 (08/07/2021)


New in V4

    • Save pressure calibration to Arduino memory. No more need to calibrate every time!
    • Changes from integers to doubles to allow negative values and improve stability.

Previous versions

VasoTracker Pressure Monitor Arduino Code

Arduino sketch for the VasoTracker pressure monitor.

3D-printed enclosure:

Thanks to Nathan Tykocki, you can 3d-print an enclosure for your temperature sensor. For a sneak peek, see the Fusion 360 widget at the bottom of the page. You may have noticed above, that we have a dual case that fits both the temperature and pressure monitor. It’s Nathan’s design again, and if you want it, send us an email.

VasoTracker pressure monitor enclosure files