Labs using VasoTracker

Vascular Imaging Lab (University of Strathclyde, UK)

Collier Lab
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center

The Collier lab aims to elucidate how traumatic brain injury leads to vascular dysfunction and so unveil new therapies to improve outcomes after traumatic injury.

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Navedo Lab
University of California, Davis

The Navedo lab studies how calcium signals (local, global, and everything in between) regulate excitation-contraction, and how diabetes leads to serious vascular conditions such as heart disease and stroke.

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Olver Lab
University of Saskatchewan

The Olver lab are establishing how healthy eating and regular physical activity can prevent  vascular disease and related cognitive impairment.

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Tykocki Lab
Michigan State University

The Tykocki lab study bladder muscle, nerves, blood vessels,  and urothelium to help understand the sensation of bladder fullness. They want to know why you feel the need to go.

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Wenceslau Lab
The University of Toledo

The Wenceslau lab is trying to understand the crosstalk between the cardiovascular and immune systems, and questions how impaired signaling between these systems leads to vascular disease.

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White Lab
Rosalind Franklin University

Carl White is based at the Rosalind Frankling University of Medicine and Science. Carl and his team are exploring how obesity leads to blood vessel dysfunction.

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