VasoTracker Offline Analyzer diameter tracking update

Artery diameter tracking software

VasoTracker Offline Analyzer v1.1.0

We have released a few versions of our offline blood vessel diameter tracking software, but this one is definitely the best. It features the algorithm we used in this paper.

Diameter tracking features

We have added a whole load of new settings so that you can customize the diameter tracking algorithm (without learning Python). VasoTrackerOA measures diameter across the whole field of view, within a region of interest, or across a single scan line (drawn in any direction). We even removed a few buttons that didn’t work properly. Download it and give it a try on your myography or ultrasound data!

Stress management features

Some users reported that our diameter tracking software was very helpful in reducing workloads and stress levels. We realize that those who haven’t yet downloaded VasoTrackerOA may have large amounts of data to be analyzed. Such large backlogs of data are associated with increased stress and reduced productivity. Recognizing this, and taking inspiration from scientific reports such as this one, we incorporated a new feature to boost productivity and help ones mental health  flourish. Space Invaders.

So if you are a bit stressed out, or just have some blood vessel imaging data that you would like to analyze, get our latest version.

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