Improved free and open source blood vessel diameter tracking software

VasoTracker diameter tracking software
VasoTracker pressure myography (diameter tracking) software

VasoTracker pressure myography software v1.1.0

Our diameter tracking software  allows you to monitor pressure myography experiments. It’s entirely free.

Updated features

We added a whole load of new settings to let you customize the diameter tracking performance (without learning Python). With VasoTracker you can measure blood vessel diameter across the whole field of view or within a region of interest. We made a few other tweaks and also fixed some bugs, this included fixing a memory bug that caused VasoTracker to rash intermittently on long recordings. Default speed is 4 Hz.

Need to relax in the lab?

VasoTracker is famous for reducing myograph-related stress. But, we thought we could help a little more. That’s why you can now relax with some Space Invaders.

VasoTracker 1.1.0

Requires Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit & 8GB of RAM.  μManager and camera drivers may have other requirements.


Compatible cameras:

      • Most cameras supported by µManager.


      • Space Invaders
      • Fixed a memory issue that caused intermittent crashing.
      • Customize diameter algorithm
      • Camera set by µManager .cfg file
      • Improved acquisition speeds
      • Many other minor tweaks
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