Pressure myograph

Open source pressure myograph system

Key Features of the VasoTracker Hardware

      • A complete pressure myograph system for less than 10% of the cost of commercial alternatives.
      • Vessel chamber (with built-in heating element & magnetic perfusion plumbing holders).
      • Open source Arduino temperature controller.
      • Open source Arduino pressure monitor.
      • Wide field-of-view imaging with the recommended Thorlabs USB camera (use with blood vessels ranging from < 100 μm to ~1.5 mm diameter)
      • Designed for use with our open source blood vessel diameter tracking software open source blood vessel diameter tracking software.
      • Use with your own microscope or with the recommended inverted (Nikon Eclipse Ts2) or upright (AmScope T610D) microscope.
      • Get the complete system, including the T610D microscope, computer, and Thorlabs camera, for less than £4000!


VasoTracker is an inexpensive, open source pressure myograph system that includes everything needed to perform experiments on ex vivo pressurised blood vessels.

Designed in a vascular physiology lab with a keen interest in how the endothelium regulated blood vessel function,  VasoTracker was designed to investigate endothelial and smooth muscle cell function in under close to physiological conditions . The pressure myograph can be used to investigate smooth muscle cell contraction/relaxation, and how the endothelium is able to modulate these processes.

Rather than buying a commercial system, you can build your own. The complete system is composed of a heated vessel chamber, a temperature controller, pressure columns, a pressure monitor, a microscope, a camera, and a computer.  Soon, we will be adding a pressure servo system with peristaltic pump, and instructions on how to modify a <£100 open source microscope for for VasoTracker. For the list of required components, and instructions on how to build your own pressure myograph, visit the VasoTracker GitHub repository